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I specialize in luxury real estate photography. I provide additional services such as Cinematography, Aerial Photo/Video, 3D and 2D Floor Plan Scans, and a few other additional services to help add the most value to your listings or portfolio.

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The Story

Hey! My name is Edward Tereshchenko. I was born and raised in Kirkland, WA.

Before all this, when I was an early teen, it all started using a $10 eBay camera, then eventually upgrading to an iPod Nano with a built in camera to create home videos. This was the coolest thing ever for me!

In 2017 I was asked by a friend to film and edit his wedding day. That evolved to many more clients and the decision to open my very own cinematography business. Silver Star Films, LLC was born!

2020 was the year that shifted everything for everyone, including my business. Covid forced weddings to slow down. This meant I had to pivot. I knew I was always fascinated by architecture and the beauty of it. This is where the addition of Silver Star Films RE (Real Estate) was added!

Real Estate Photography turned out to be a major success!

Shortly after, I got married to my beautiful wife Anastasia! She is my biggest supporter and encourager.

My Values

I still continue to learn and grow everyday in my craft and as a person, to help add the most value to you and your listings!

Building trustworthy relationships are one of the most important things in my life and business.

I don't just want to view you as a client but as a friend!

I truly want to see you succeed!

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